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In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths I took, but how many moments took my breath away


My name is Faisal Jamil Kashmiri. I was born on the 24th day of March, 1977 A.D. at Rasheed Nursing Home Rawalpindi at 10:00 am. It was 02 day of Rabi-Al-Saani, 1397 Al-Hijra (Juma raat).  Currently, I am working with Revitalizing, Innovating, Strengthening Education (RISE), a Project on Education by the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir funded by United States Agency for International Development(USAID)

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What was I doing before 2009

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After my Intermediate in 1995, I got declaration of a fortnightly magazine "Aatash-e-Chanar" under the loving and thoughtful guidance of my late Father JAMIL ANWAR KASHMIRI. In August 1998, I applied for the membership of Central Press Club Muzaffarabad and fortunately got the association. With all that, I joined Azad Jammu & Kashmir Radio Muzaffarabad as a script writer and broadcaster.


In the year 2000, I start writing columns in local as well as national newspapers. I was also hired as Cartoonist by a local newspaper (Daily "Siasat") and a national magazine (Fortnightly "Jihad-e-Kashmir"). I have the honor to be the first cartoonist of Azad Kashmir.

In April 2001, I was elected as Secretary Information of Central Union of Journalists in AJK. In August 2003, I was choosen as Secretary Liaison of Pakistan Editors' Council (P.E.C.). That was surely a great leap by a young man of my age to be the part of the hierarchy of an esteemed forum. President of P.E.C. was Mr. Zia Shahid and Secretary General was Mr. Najam Sethi.


Earlier in the year 2002, I participated in the elections of Central Press Club Muzaffarabad against the position of Secretary Finance. It was the month of December when I was outclassed by the opposite candidate with 04-19 win. Soon after, I was terminated by the authorities of Pakistan Broadcasting Coorporation with an allegation of having Anti Pervez (according to them Anti Government) sentiments. Some of my articles and cartoons in local  and national newspapers (including my own magazine) took part in building my Anti Pervez Record (A.P.R.). Fortnightly magazine "Jihad-e-Kashmir" also showed regrets in publishing my cartoons as my pen pricks were too bold to be published in any national magazine. In the month of February 2003, I couldn't find myself able enough to continue my fortnightly magazine "Aatash-e-Chinar". Those were the days when I witnessed severe financial crisis.

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My Poetry

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I start writing poetry in 2002. Here, I am mentioning some of my Ghazals;



"Sholo'n may jal raha hoo'n baharoo'n pay kya likhoo'n

Gardaab may phansaa hoo'n kinaaro'n pay kya likhoo'n

Jis Shehr ki mattee may rachee hay lahoo ki baas

Uss Shehr-e-Sangdil kay manaroo'n pay kya likhoo'n

Sarsar nay bujhaa di ho jaha'n aarzoo ki lo

Uss ghar may zindagee kay sharaaro'n pay kya likhoo'n

Sehn-e-Chaman may paerr pay lattkee hay dil kee laash

Phoolo'n pay, Titliyo'n pay, Nazaaro'n pay kya likhoo'n

Fikr-e-Haram nay bhainch liya hay mera wujood

Dono jaha'n kee raah guzaaro'n pay kya likhoo'n"

"Ghubaar dil pay bohot aa giya hay dho lai'n aaj

Khulee jaga pay kahee'n door jaa kay ro lai'n aaj

Tuloo-e-Sehr kee khahish may thak gaee aankhai'n

Charaagh-e-Shab kay hee pehloo may jaa kay so lai'n aaj

Kafas mae aaey ga baad-e-saba ka jhonka kabhi

Issi gumaan pay apnay paroo'n ko kholai'n aaj

Jo baatai'n ehd-e-salasal may keh naa paey kabhi

Wo aaeenay kay mukaabil hi jaa kay bolai'n aaj

Teray jahan may ranj-o-alam kaa yaara nahi

Tan-e-Shikasta may dunya kay gham samo lai'n aaj"

"Dard kee rait say tasveer bananay waalay

Meray dil kee koi tasveer bana saktay ho

Mera dil aabla paao'n ki kaf-e-paa jesa

Mera dil jor say jalti hui har jaa jesa

Mera dil Maao'n kee aaho'n say bhara paemana

Mera dil zabt kay ashko'n say bhara maekhana

Mera dil Naqsh hay iss shehr ki barbaadi ka

Mera dil zakhm hay ahraar ki sayyadi ka

Meray dil kee koi tasveer bana saktay ho

Rait per dard kee tasveer bananay waalay

Kya meray dard kee tasveer bana saktay ho"

"Ham apni nayaamo'n mae jo shamsheer na kertay

Dushman kabhi Kashmir ko taskheer na kertay

Gulshan may naa hota koi sayyad ka hamraaz

Bha'nwray meri pervaaz ko zanjeer na kertay

Shaed kay hame'n baad-e-sahar dhoond hi laytee

Ham tarz-e-ghulaami ko jo takdeer na kertay

Sehra may bhi mil jaata pata aab-e-wular kaa

Gar noor-e-basar ghaer ki jaageer na kertay

Ham khanma barbaad na hotay to jaha'n gard

Iss shehr-e-pur aashob ko tasveer na kertay"

"Dil may Zakhmo'n ka ek ambaar laga rakha hay

Ham nay veeranay may baazaar saja rakha hay

Aasmaa'n dekh lay, iss teera shabee may ham nay

Roshni kay liyay ghar baar jala rakha hay

Teri aankho'n may rukay ashk hamay torr gayay

Warna baydard teray pyaar may kia rakha hay"

Massive Earthquake

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On 20th February, 2003, I applied for a job in Family Planning Association of Pakistan FPAP (presently known as "RAHNUMA"). I was hired by the organization and remained there till 20th February, 2008. During my job in FPAP, Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake in October 08, 2005. 70,000 people lost their lives and hundred and thousand of people found themselves in a state of distress and agony.


I was a sufferer but also a fortunate survivor in the earthquake. My maternal Grandmother, aunt, uncles and cousins died in the quake. I found my home safe in the middle of debris weighing millions of tons. My hometown turned into a city of ruins. Horrible days we witnessed, horrible nights we passed. I remained in a state of trauma for several months. My Father cannot bear the pain of scares left by the earthquake on his soul and died with diabetes and renal failure in October 21st, 2008.


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